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Equine Study

This study was conducted on a 26 year old Trakhner/Arabian equine. This equine was a dressage horse who competed through third level very competitively. When he was a young horse he had an injury that left him with scar tissue on his right stifle. That scar tissue caused "a hitch in his giddy-up." This lead to a retirement in 2015, since then, as he has begun getting older and been out of work, it has become more difficult for him to lay down nicely (he ends up falling most of the way down). This study is to show how PEMF can benefit this horse and make the action of laying down much easier on his stifle, hock, and hips. 


Personal Study

This study is about myself personally. I have been an athlete all my life and it has taken a toll on my muscles and joints. I have had back issues for 15 years, and have had two ACL reconstructions and a meniscectomy between 2017-2022. In this study, I will be focusing on how PEMF helps with decreasing my back pain, knee pain, and anxiety/depression.



Back Pain: after using PEMF on my back for an average of 3 days a week for 3 weeks, I am pain free! My back feels less inflamed, more fluid and moveable. Having had chronic back pain for 15 years, to the point where it was limiting my ability to do day to day things and sleep, I am overjoyed that I am able to not feel in pain 24/7

Knee Pain: PEMF has helped my knee pain tremendously. After using PEMF, they feel stronger, and less achey. Especially on cold days, they tend to get stiff, but with PEMF, there has been improvement. I am on my feet all day walking many miles for work, so it has been important for me to find a way to not have knee pain. 

Anxiety/depression: PEMF has absolutely helped with my anxiety/depression. I have done PEMF specifically on my head only once, but on the rest of my body an average of three times a week and that is benefiting me mentally! I am finding myself feeling much more energetic and not falling asleep mid day anymore. I have gotten off of medications and have just been doing PEMF because I have seen a tremendous, positive change in my mental health! 

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