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What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulse Electromagnetic Field. It is a non-invasive, drug free way to help alleviate pain, relax, recover and enhance healing properties. PEMF increases blood low and oxygen to all of the tissues which then helps to decrease pain and inflammation, relax muscles, encourage bone growth, speed up tendon and ligament repair, increase range of motion by decreasing stiffness, and much more. 



There are tons of benefits to PEMF for equines, dogs, cats, livestock, exotic pets, athletes, and the elderly. Some of those benefits are the following: decrease in inflammation, increase cellular metabolism, increase cell growth, grow bone, increase circulation, dissolve blood clots, help illnesses resolve quicker, move edema around muscle tears, relax muscles, help decrease the chance of cancer cells forming, after surgery to promote quicker healing, arthritis, and anxiety/depression relief. 


Types of PEMF

There are a few different types of sessions offered for equine, small animal, livestock and people. With equines, because they are much larger, there is the option for a full body soft tissue session or a trouble zone which would focus more on one specified area. In small animals, since they are typically smaller, full body is the most widely used, and a pinpointed area may be focused if necessary (ACL for example). When it comes to people, it is recommended to focus on one area for 10 minutes and up to three areas total in one session. 



With anything, it takes time to see results. This is something where one and done is not realistic unless it is just for overall wellness. Following a session you will feel much better than before, but as for how long that may last depends person to person. Physically for example, when it comes to overall body relaxation, the more often you can do the therapy the more consistently relaxed you will be. It is also possible you may experience feeling worse before feeling better. This is called the Herxheimer Reaction. This is short term and known as a detox reaction. You may feel achey, stiff, or have a headache. It is completely normal! Your body has not become used to this therapy yet, but after the first time you will likely not experience it again if you are consistent. 

Contraindications include: active bleeding, battery operated implanted devices (pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear implants, etc), prenancy, organ transplants, external metal fixators, some stents, medications

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