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Available Services

Equine Full Body

The equine full body session is a soft tissue focused session. This includes head to tail.


Add legs for $20 

Equine Show Bundle

The Equine show bundle includes a full body session for your horse prior to your competition time, as well as a recovery session after your competition.


Add legs $20/ session

Equine Trouble Zone

The equine trouble zone session focuses on an area of the horse that needs more attention. The PEMF is stronger in this pin-pointed area.


Winners Circle

The winners circle is the show bundle, but win any class and the recovery session is free! $120

$80 (if you win the class)

Equine Teammate Bundle

The equine teammate bundle is for both the horse and rider/owner. You and your horse will receive full body sessions. $120

Hoof and Paw

The hoof and paw is a package deal for your horse and your dog! Both will receive a full body session.


Small Animal Full Body

The small animal full body session includes full body soft tissue as well as a pinpointed area if needed (for example ACL).


Human Trouble Zone

The human trouble zone focuses on the area that needs the most attention. Limited to 3 trouble zones per session.


Team Package

The team package is great for any athletic team, business, gym, etc. This includes a trouble zone session for each person. Minimum of 10 people/zones.


or $15/person/zone

Travel fee applicable for equine, livestock and small animal calls
Travel fee waived if 3 or more equines/livestock/small animals are receiving a full body session at one location (under 50 miles).
0-20 miles: $10
21-50 miles: $20
50-75 miles: $30
75+ miles: $ price will vary 
Miles are calculated from South Salt Lake, Utah


Please call, text or email to schedule any of the above services.

Services are performed on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays

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