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Cloud 9 Therapy

"feel good, perform better"


Services are performed on horses, livestock, goats, sheep, minis, dogs, cats, bunnies, and people.

Check out the services page to see all the different bundles offered! 


PEMF therapy has been around since the 1970s benefiting many people and animals in multiple ways. In 2004 it was FDA approved for for cervical fusion surgery patients at high risk for non-fusion, FDA approved in 2006 for treatment of anxiety and depression and FDA approved in 2011 for treatment of brain cancer. Read more about what PEMF is, the types, the benefits, and the results on the research page! 


Here you can find photos of what PEMF is and looks like performed on all the animals and people. There is also two ongoing studies on this page to show the benefits of PEMF and the results found.


PEMF stands for Pulse Electromagnetic Field. What is does is creates results at a quicker rate and can be adjusted to the correct level of intensity for the issue and the animal and persons comfort level. PEMF promotes cellular exercise which increases circulation, blood oxygenation, speeds up recovery, decreases inflammation, relaxes muscles, decreases anxiety/depression, and more. PEMF is like having a massage on a cellular level. Twitching of the muscles may occur during these sessions, and that can be an indicator of where the imbalances are, and pain or sore muscles that may need more attention.​

PEMF is very well known in the use of the equine competitive industry for performance enhancement, health maintenance, and recovery. There are many benefits to using PEMF on equines. Those benefits include alleviating tendon/ligament injuries, sore back, hock and stifle soreness, non-union fractures, laminitis, founder, abscesses, and non-healing wounds.

PEMF is great for all equines young and old, livestock, and small animals including dogs and cats. It is also beneficial for people, whether that is an athlete, non-athlete, someone looking for overall wellness and relaxation, or someone looking to increase healing speed of an acute or chronic issue.


"Lexy is super easy to talk to. She was very knowledgeable and listened to my horses body language. She made sure my horse wouldn't spook at her machine and took her time with him when he was a little skittish. Overall had a great experience with her and will be having her back to work on my horse again!"

Logan P.


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